Dedicated to Marca Bristo's vision of civil and human rights for all people.

Marca Bristo, the founder of Access Living who died last month, fought for affordable housing in Chicago for people with disabilities. Photo provided by Access Living

Mayor Lightfoot and the City of Chicago refuse to have reasonable discussions to correct decades of housing discrimination against people with disabilities and violation of federal affordable housing laws.

The City is trying to kill a landmark lawsuit - brought by Access Living* and launched by Marca. The Mayor wants the complaint, and the issue, to go away. Marca Bristo founded Access Living in 1980 to bring down the most significant barrier to independence: affordable, accessible housing. Four decades later, the greatest barrier to liberation for people with disabilities in Chicago is still accessible, affordable housing.

The City is unwilling and likely unable to say what federally supported units are accessible, which are occupied by people who need them, and where they are so people who need them can find them. That tells the whole story. This suit, at base, is about whether the City of Chicago gives a damn.

Mayor Lightfoot did not create this problem, but it's hers now. There is a lot on the Mayor's plate.

But people with disabilities are always the “extras.” The time is never right – so the only time is now.

Please lend your support to persuade the City to sit down and solve these decades-old civil-rights failures.

All we ask is your contact information so we can keep you informed about the fight Marca thought was the most important of her life.